One of the fun elements in today’s technological landscape is the possibility of being able to interact immediately with things outside one’s own geographical, cultural, social circles. Here is a product of of this:


The idea of experimenting more with electronics in the music came from being exposed to certain bands who showed, with powerful display, the possibilities of what electronics can accomplish in music.

Bands like Balkan Beat Box have been a long pioneer here – effectively and cleverly incorporating electronics to their live set. But it was Bomba Estereo who served as a prominent inspiration for me. It was in 2011 when I heard Bomba Estereo at a festival. We had just finished our set at Womad – despite the difficulties the sound engineer was having with us, we had a fantastic gig. As I walked through the festival in complete peace with myself from having had this performance, I ran into Bomba Estereo performing at one of the near-by stages. The power of the frequencies coming out of this four-piece band simply blew my mind, and the recently-acquired internal peace vanished quickly,.

Ever since, I have been somewhat obsessed with electronics and technology in music and trying to incorporate these into our live performance.

This music video shows one of our most electronic-oriented pieces from our new album, which we are now schedule to release in London – Hootananny Brixton, on Saturday July 18th (2015).

You may download the track for free (only available until album release) here

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