…It’s raining out. I’m in the country side, and I’ve just woken up from an unusual long sleep. I like it when it rains. I like to turn off any sound in the house and just listen to the rain outside, as I have now that I’m writing this.

Every two- to three-weeks I tend to embark on a different project. These last weeks have been about understanding sound designs. I’ve been working with electronic instruments, and I think for the first time I’ve been able to figure this out; or at least I’ve made a positive step towards understanding how to approach this. I’ve been interested in electronic sound designs for a while now. I particularly like Ryoji Ikeda, whose exhibition I attended in London at a Parking garage once. I’ve since tried to incorporate this into my music, and now will try to make this an integral part of the sonic experience in the band’s performance.

We will try this out on June 9th at The Gate To Southwell Festival. If you’re in the area we would love to see you there.

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