Some really good that have happened recently: our new album “1001” has been awarded Songline’s “Top of the World” selection, so one of tracks will be take part on the CD they release with the magazine. They’ll also be doing a feature about the band. The magazine will be out on April 1st.

We also received an interesting review from the Independent on Sunday (Howard Male) about our new album (see left)

Also, Aculco Magazine did a feature about me (in Spanish), written by Elizabeth Santana, available here (below).

Come out and see us at these shows, it makes us smile 🙂


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So I’ve come back from my trip in Argentina. When I was there I wanted to come back, but now that I’m back I miss it. There is a big Cumbia and Latin dance music movement happening there now, which is fun and contagious. I’ve picked up a lot of it and I’m trying to put this into new tracks I’m working with along with our lovely Fedzilla. Other than that, we have some shows and some press news that I should tell you about:

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Full Attack Band will be doing two performances soon: Thursday March 31st at Passing Clouds, and Saturday April 2nd at Hootananny Brixton.

For the Passing Clouds performance (Thursday March 31st), it will be a cozy night at a cozy venue. We’ll play together with Shanti Powa Orchestra, who have come all the way from Italy to release their album here in London.

For the Hootananny Brixton Saturday April 2nd), it’s the raw party anything-goes anarchy that we like from this venue. If party is your thing, this is your night.

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