Nadir – a blue tack minimal stop motion picture

  2017 is here. With this, a new F.A.B. music video of Nadir (below). I was recently in Argentina. Music is very much alive there; or is it that I actually go out over there and get to experience more things? no, I think music is just more present in Read More

Get connected

So Europe is in a bit of chaos at this time, and though I can see valid points on both sides of the Brexit argument, one thing feels certain, we should stand united despite what happens geopolitically. We are stronger and better when we collaborate and work together. Music has Read More

I’m only happy when…

…It’s raining out. I’m in the country side, and I’ve just woken up from an unusual long sleep. I like it when it rains. I like to turn off any sound in the house and just listen to the rain outside, as I have now that I’m writing this. Every Read More

End of the month London Shows and brilliant “1001” Album Reviews :)

Some really good that have happened recently: our new album “1001” has been awarded Songline’s “Top of the World” selection, so one of tracks will be take part on the CD they release with the magazine. They’ll also be doing a feature about the band. The magazine will be out Read More

Waiting for the SUN

So I’ve come down to Argentina, for no other reason than it was cold in my flat, and it’s warm in Argentina, and I could practice my sax here, so why not. When I left my country many years ago, I was angry at it. I was angry at the Read More

Full Attack Band Official Album Release and New Music Video – O ya!

Full Attack Band’s official album release will be on December 10t, 2015. The album is called “1001”, and contains collaborations and influences from all over the world. Full Attack Band, previously known as Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos, has been around since 2008. Through this project I have had Read More

The End of the Season

Below some photos of the end of our summer season in London. I am now working with Fedzilla in new pieces, saxophone loops, exploring rhythms, that sort of thing. We will keep you updated. Love you all.   Pic by Luca Baroncini : + Radio Tandem: and Carolina Nikotian. Read More

Pre-Album Launch Coming Up on JULY 18TH – at Hootananny Brixton

On July 18th we will be celebrating the pre-launch of our new album title “1001”. This will take place at Hootananny (Brixton, south London). This is a suitable venue for showcasing our album release. It will be a great party. Come along: Hootananny Brixton – 95 Effra Road, Brixton, SW2 1DF, London, Read More