So I’ve come down to Argentina, for no other reason than it was cold in my flat, and it’s warm in Argentina, and I could practice my sax here, so why not.

When I left my country many years ago, I was angry at it. I was angry at the system for not including someone with limited resources like me in it. I was angry that the police targeted individuals like me simply because of the way I looked. I was angry at the way politicians kept stealing the country dry, while people kept rallying and voting for them. I was angry at such constant hypocrisies, which just got too much for me.

Coming back now, I find that this place is more beautiful and more ugly than I knew it to be. Just like its economy, it favors certain people greatly, and disfavors the rest. As a visitor, I may be on the favoring side, it feels that way at least. I’ve loved these days here, where friends have been taking me out to hear good music, political talks, and through beautiful natural landscapes. But I’ve also heard stories from old friends, very bad, very sad stories, which could have had been my own fate had I not left this complicated country years ago.

I do know that, for better or for worst, the country where one is born has an imprint within oneself that will always be there. It may be too soon to bring this into the music, but this is what we’re now doing with Fedzilla, for the new tracks we’re working on.

On the other hand, our “1001” album is now available to buy:

Also, TH Style, from Greece, have remixed our track “Asi Se Va” :

We will try some of these new tunes in an upcoming show at Passing Clouds on March 31st. Come up and see us, this makes us smile.

Keep safe and curious,




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