I’m only happy when…


…It’s raining out. I’m in the country side, and I’ve just woken up from an unusual long sleep. I like it when it rains. I like to turn off any sound in the house and just listen to the rain outside, as I have now that I’m writing this. Every two- to three-weeks I tend […]


Waiting for the SUN

full attack astronaut

So I’ve come down to Argentina, for no other reason than it was cold in my flat, and it’s warm in Argentina, and I could practice my sax here, so why not. When I left my country many years ago, I was angry at it. I was angry at the system for not including someone […]


The End of the Season

Full Attack Band 33

Below some photos of the end of our summer season in London. I am now working with Fedzilla in new pieces, saxophone loops, exploring rhythms, that sort of thing. We will keep you updated. Love you all.   Pic by Luca Baroncini : + Radio Tandem: and Carolina Nikotian.


New Music Video – “Full Attack”

Full Attack  Band 2015

One of the fun elements in today’s technological landscape is the possibility of being able to interact immediately with things outside one’s own geographical, cultural, social circles. Here is a product of of this:   The idea of experimenting more with electronics in the music came from being exposed to certain bands who showed, with […]


Beautiful Patterns – An Unexpected Music Video

Davide Lufrano Chaves 3

I remember looking for lyrics to write a new song. We were in the middle of a tour around England and had Daniel Ivancea (of Fanfare Ciocarlia) as a special guest in the line-up, so decided to look there. I wrote down a few conversations I heard him have with other people after our shows, […]